Our Mission

As ocean lovers, we can’t help but notice the tragic environmental
emergencies we are facing currently in our oceans. Driven by our passion
for the ocean, we want to do everything we can to spread awareness and
contribute to saving our seas. The importance of marine research is infinite,
so we have teamed up with Mote Marine Laboratory to make as big of an impact as possible!

Are you an ocean lover like us? Join our team today! You too can be a part of
this large movement to conserve our most precious resources. Contribute to making a
difference with each item you purchase, while sharing your personal discount
code with friends and family.

10% of all proceeds are donated to Mote Marine Laboratory!

Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium

Mote Marine Laboratory is one of the world’s few remaining private marine research laboratories and, as a nonprofit organization, is funded through federal, state and local grants and through the generosity of individual donors and foundations. Driven by research, education and excitement the Mote works to create a better environment for ourselves and our children. Their research programs focus on understanding the population dynamics of manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and coral reefs and on conservation and restoration efforts related to these species and ecosystems. “The ocean is our passion. And science is our catalyst to help our oceans heal, thrive and acontinue to be havens of sustainable life, life-improving science and life-giving solutions.”

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