Dark B. Country Tarpon


One of the most fun and exhausting to catch sport fish around is the Tarpon, otherwise know as the “Silver King”. Our Back Country Tarpon performance long sleeve features the tarpon swimming right below the water’s surface, in the flats with the mangroves in the back, searching for it’s prey. Made with 100% Microfiber, UPF 50+ solar plus protection and Pure-tech moisture wicking technology, this shirt is sure to keep you cool and dry all day long while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. There is no doubt that this shirt will catch the eye of other anglers.

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Baited Facts

“The Silver King” gets its’ nickname for being one of the strongest game fish for anglers. This species is most popular for its’ migration and spawning season spanning the central west coast of Florida all the way down to the Florida Keys. Anglers have the opportunity to sight cast these monsters cruising the beaches in search of crabs, pilchards, threadfin and pinfish. Tarpon can easily weigh more than 200 pounds. Tarpon are known as kings for a reason. They put up fights, oftentimes for well over an hour and put on quite an aerial show. Our design is a true depiction of the feeding these fish will do pre-spawn searching for the pass crabs flushed out of the bays on the big outgoing “hill tides”. These fish make an excellent meal….for their number one predator, the hammerhead shark (we do not recommend eating them!) The hammers cruise the beaches in the shallows just outside of swimmer’s range waiting for the chance to take down a large meal.


More info:

  • World Record- 286 lbs (Rubane, Guinea-Bissau)
  • Florida Record- 243 pounds
  • Tarpon will travel 100 miles offshore and depths over 400 feet to spawn

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