How about the Hogfish? They may not be really easy to catch on a hook and a line but they sure are delicious to eat. On this performance shirt the Hogfish proudly poses in front of the Bluewater Gear logo. Made with 100% Microfiber, UPF 50+ solar plus protection and Pure-tech moisture wicking technology, this shirt is sure to keep you cool and dry all day long while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. shirt.

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Baited Facts

The hogfish is one of the most unique looking fish found primarily in the tropic and subtropic waters. They are given their name for the way they feed; rooting around like a hog on corals and natural reefs with their elongated snout the Hogfish enjoys small crustaceans. Their feeding habits makes it difficult to catch them on hook and line, however, they are an easy target for spearfishermen. Not exactly known for being a great escape artist these fish do not win an award for being smart but they make up for it with their camouflage ability. Similar to a chameleon they can change their colors to blend in with the colors of the reef they are around. If you want to talk about a fish that has white meat this is where you begin. The meat from a hogfish it is so white it is almost clear when held to a light and can be cooked many ways.

More Info:

  • World Record: 21 lbs 15 oz (South Carolina) although many claim to have landed 30+ pounders
  • Florida Record: 19 lbs 8 oz
  • Similar to grouper, they also are born female and then some turn to males as they mature
  • Hogfish are mistakenly called “hog snapper” however are not in the snapper family but in the wrasse family

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