Found predominantly in tropic and subtropic waters the Mahi is the king of migration. These fish are caught regularly as far up the Atlantic Ocean as off the coast of North Carolina, and as far south as Costa Rica. A popularly targeted fish, there is a lot of data gathered on the Mahi. One fish was documented to have swum from Islamorada to North Carolina (a total of 835 miles) in only nine days, averaging 93 miles per day! However, the most distance documented came from the eastern North Atlantic where the fish released off Charleston, South Carolina traveled a distance of 2,500 miles in eight months. Known for their bright colors, acrobatic aerial assaults and power, the Mahi design was an unanimous decision for the Bluewater originals. As far as food quality, it goes without saying that this is one of the best options for a fish feast! More info:

  • World Record- 87 lbs (Costa Rica)
  • Florida Record- 81 pounds
  • Growth rate- on average, .11 inches per day, with some documented at .16 inches per day
  • Consumption rate- up to 19.8 percent of their body weight per day
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