RWB Bull Shark



Arguably the most tenacious, aggressive, and territorial of all shark species.  The Bull Shark is most noted for its ability to travel far into freshwater documented up through the Mississippi river up into Illinois.  They can run thousands of miles in shallow muddy brackish water.  Found all over the Gulf, Atlantic, and tropic waters, these sharks will eat literally anything.  The Bull Shark makes its presence most widely know during the Summer Tarpon run where they will chase them in a few feet of water right off the beach.  Seeing one 12 feet and over 1,000 pounds is not uncommon. More Info: 

  • World Record- 697 lbs 12 oz (Kenya)
  • A female can birth up to 13 pups at a time
  • When born, the average size Bull Shark is 2 and a half feet long
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