Triple Tail



Found predominantly in the Gulf and Atlantic waters, most do not know that the Triple Tail is a Pelagic Species.  Their strange feeding “tactics” include laying still on a surface and clinging tightly to structures, such as buoys and flotsam. They disguise themselves from crustaceans (such as shrimp or small crabs) with colors resembling small leaves or grass.  Bluewater Gear’s design was created based on the Triple Tail’s unique camouflaging technique against buoys.The fish is named for having what resembles three tails. Triple tail’s signature tail gives them extreme power which makes them a fun fight for any angler. Along with the fight most anglers consider their table value excellent quality. Their white flaky meat is most similar to a gag grouper. Just be careful when pulling this one of a kind fish out of the water as they are lined with razor sharp “armored” gill plates to protect them from predators such as sharks since they have a habit of laying flat on the surface of the water, making them extra vulnerable.

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