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Bluewater Gear wants to show a love of our country and sport fishing and this design accomplishes that. This gorgeous design showcases the colors of the sailfish as well as the USA in a unique way, placing the sailfish flying  through the air to catch his prey over an outline of the shape of the USA.  Made with 100% Microfiber, UPF 50+ solar plus protection and Pure-tech moisture wicking technology, this shirt is sure to keep you cool and dry all day long while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. On the water or on land this shirt allows you to show your American pride and your love of sport fishing.

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Baited Facts

This design inspiration came from two things… a Sailfish and the fact that America is AWESOME!  The American Flag is a celebrated symbol and a sailfish is a popular fish for many reasons.  Sailfish are the true definition of a pelagic hunter. Found mostly from South Florida down into South America they get their name for a very obvious reason, making the design focus be the American flag on the fish’s sail. These fish are pack hunters often seen “balling” up bait schools on the edge of the reefs.  With a long slender body and a forked tail the Sailfish is quick and powerful making it a popular tournament fish. They also are acrobats seen free jumping out of the water and skipping across the surface when hooked.

More Info: 

  • World record:  142 lbs 6 oz (Lobito, Angola)
  • Florida record: 126 lbs

Additional Information

Weight 7.55 oz
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 1 in
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White, Gray, Yellow


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