Slim, streamlined and sharp toothed, the Wahoo is one of the fastest fish in the sea, swimming up to 60 miles per hour. The wahoo (hoo) is a prize winning catch weighing up to 50 lbs or more and was a no brainer to feature on a performance shirt. Made with 100% Microfiber, UPF 50+ solar plus protection and Pure-tech moisture wicking technology, this shirt is sure to keep you cool and dry all day long while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

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Baited Facts

Found predominantly in tropic waters, the Wahoo is the king of speed, a true blue water fish!  Reaching top speeds of 64 MPH this fish cuts through it’s prey before they know what hit them. Combined with the speed, the Wahoo has rows of razor sharp teeth for slicing through their preferred meal such as a flying fish and bar jacks that hang around floating grass and structure. This design was a must for the brand since this fish is the poster child for the clear blue water.  Most know these fish make great steaks for the grill, however, their sushi quality is at the top of the charts.

More info:

  • World Record- 184 lbs (Cabo San Lucas)
  • Florida Record- 139 pounds
  • Fastest recorded consistent speed- 43.4 MPH for 20 seconds

Additional Information

Weight 7.55 oz
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 1 in
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